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Buying or selling machines and equipment?

On our website you can always find a wide selection of items for sale. If there is something you need which you do not find in our offers, we can find it for you. Simply contact one of our brokers.

We take care of the whole process from A to Z. Our customers know that the simplest, safest and of course most efficient thing to do is to entrust the sale to us. Our aim is to ensure that both buyer and seller are satisfied after the deal is done. We have a wide international network of contacts. We are in constant touch with buyers and sellers all over the world. Our business partners supply good machines at the right time and the right price. We always agree our fee in advance.

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Extra services:

PlusTech maintains close contacts with a number of transport companies for both land and sea freight. We are happy to assist with freight for export/import.

We deal with a number of banks and financing companies, and are happy to arrange contacts for you.

We are happy to assist with customs documentation for import/export.